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Moving on…Week 4

October 1, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

We are halfway through Quarter 1.  Week 3 seems like it was so long ago, but it was a great week.  We had healthy kids and so much learning happening.  It was nice to have a week off from planning.  I think everyone enjoyed the field trip to Walter B. Jacobs.
Important information:
1.  Daily mass will be at 8:30am on Thursday.  If anyone would like to read the first reading, please let me know.
2.  Presentations this week:  The Aranda Family, the Grant Family, and the Venden Family
3.  We will be starting Destination Imagination this month.  There will be at least 2 groups:  Rising Stars Group (K-4 to 2nd grade), which is non-competitive, but will still present at the State Tournament (February 23) and Competitive Team (2nd-5th), which will compete at the State Tournament (February 23).  If your child would like to participate, I’m going to have a short parents’ meeting right after classes Thursday.  The older group will meet right after lunch on Thursdays and the younger group will meet Friday mornings.  The plan is to have the older group meet this Thursday.  More info will be handed out on Thursday.  (This is an optional activity.)
4.  The Red River Refuge has their monthly homeschooling day on Oct 3 (Wednesday) from 9-11am.  It was crowded last time, but the numbers tend to dwindle as the year goes on.  It’s a great facility to just visit and enjoy nature.
5.  The Red River Revel is happening all this week in downtown Shreveport.  There’s times when you can get in for free during the day.  I think the children’s section opens most week days at 4pm.  My kids love going every year.
6.  Next Field trip tentatively planned for October 25.  We might have 3 people come from the orchestra woodwinds section to give us a 45 minute presentation.  Part 2 of the field trip is being planned.  More to come.Week 4:
In History, we start off with the Code of Hammurabi, then the Hyksos Kings, Joseph in Egypt, Iron Use by Hittites, and the Mycenaeans.  This might be a good week to watch “Joseph King of Dreams” on Netflix or “Joseph:  Beloved Son, Rejected Slave, Exalted Ruler” on Amazon Prime.  There’s also the “Pipo” series on Amazon Prime on the Egyptians.  Our history sentence is all about the Bronze Age.  We switch to a new verb for conjugation in Latin:  “to be”.  There’s a Latin “memory card” game on the blog that is simple and easy to print.

Zoom Latin-cards-Week-4.pdf
Latin-cards-Week-4.pdf 139 KB View full-size Download

In Art, Master Artist Amy will be helping the scholars make “papyrus” to paint on next week.  In Science, it’s all about seed dispersal.  We’ll be planting seeds in class…so much fun!  Check this out:  In Religion, we have a new holy person to study–David.  We are also memorizing the Bread of Life Discourse from John 6:47-48.  Geography takes us into Europe where we’ll study important Peninsulas.  If you have world maps or maps of Europe, this is a good time to point these out to your little scholars.  We are moving to the 8s and 9s for skip counting in Math.  Language Arts focuses on pronouns.  Another idea for the older kids is to have them search a magazine page or newspaper page and circle all the pronouns.  Here’s a short YouTube video on percussion instruments:

See you on Thursday!