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Orchestra and Service

October 24, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Well, we finish the first quarter and I think everyone is finding a groove!  I hope my young botanists are enjoying the fall weather and the leaves falling.  I hope everyone is enjoying our off week.  So many good things to come!

Important Information:
1.  Orchestra visit:  This Thursday we will have 3 members of the Shreveport Orchestra giving us a presentation at 9:30am at St. Mary’s of the Pines.  It will be a 45 minute presentation.  We are trying to have Kayla in the nursery for the little ones.
2.  Service:  We will be making Jack o’ lanterns from paper plates after the orchestra presentation to bring to Garden Parks Nursing Home.  The scholars can put on costumes after the orchestra presentation and then pass out candy and Jack o’ lanterns to the residents.  The scholars will also sing our two chorus songs, play instruments (if they can), and be cute and adorable.  I’m sure we can get 1 or 2 residents to hand out candy to the kids so they can practice for trick or treating!
3.  Looking for someone to manage the yearbook this year.  It’s not difficult, but can be time consuming if you wait until the end of the year (like I’ve done the last 2 years).  It is very satisfying to see the final product and the company makes it so easy.
4.  St. Mary’s of the Pines is having a Halloween Party this Saturday at 5:30pm.  It’s lots of fun with cute and crazy kids and LOTS of candy.  You’ll have enough to give out to others on the 31st after this event.
5.  More to come about Destination Imagination Teams!