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Our Final Week! Week 24

April 23, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Last week was great, but we missed so many of our friends.  I hope everyone is ready for a wonderful week 24.  Amy did such a great job helping the kids with their Louisiana state books.  Look for them at ArtBreak this weekend!

Week 24:  We are finishing up our prayers in Religion and Latin with the end of “The Magnificat” and the “Our Father”.  In Art, we have our annual art gallery experience as the kids will try to remember all the artists we studied this year.  They will see some of the artwork from past lessons and some new artwork from the same artists.  What a fun challenge!  Science will culminate with solar power experiments!  Pray for sun that day!  In Our State History, we’ll look at five recent events or people after 1900.  In Geography, we’ll revisit our state’s capital and other major cities.  In Math, it’s all about acres and square miles.  Here’s a great way to show kids an acre from the CSH blog:
Six hundred forty acres equals one square mile.  That can be difficult to envision for             anyone.  If there is a football field you can visit, you can actually see an acre’s worth           of area there.  One acre on a football field is 90.75  yards  long by 53.33 yards  wide            (the width of a normal football field). Ok what that means is when you get there, put            two kids on the 0 yard line at one end , and two kids on the 10 yard line at the other           end.  They’ve just marked the corners of an acre.  Ask them if they think they could             plow all of that in one day with one ox!  (Here’s a picture if that was confusing- the               blue dots are your kids, an acre is shaded in red)

football-acrage.jpg 25 KB View full-size Download

Language Arts talks about the three parts of a letter.  Time to get the kids writing letters to grandma and grandpa!

1.  YMCA Field Day April 27 at noon.  Rain or shine, we’ll have a good time!  This is geared to ages 4 and up, but there will be things for the littles to do like parachute play and bubbles.  Food trucks will be there for lunch.
2.  ArtBreak:  Opens to the public on Friday at 5pm and is open on Saturday and Sunday.  Come see our display, make crafts, dance, read, and have fun!  Free!
3.  Semester Showcase rehearsal on May 3 at 9:00am.  We’ll probably stay for an hour.  For the older students, we’ll also have super scholar testing at this time.
4.  Semester Showcase on May 3 at 6:30pm.  Invite your friends and relatives to come see what these kids have learned this semester.  I think they’ll be amazed!

We will be doing a bulk order for Tour 2 curriculum on May 1.  It’s $95 for the tour guide, CDs, and history cards.  No shipping costs.  Discounted from $108.  Let Amy or I know if you would like to order.