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Recap of Week 6 and now onto Discovery with Quarter 2

October 9, 2019 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

October 10, 2019 (Thursday) Norton Art Gallery Field Trip 10:00am
Moms Cantina Laredo Night at 8:30pm October 10, 2019 (Thursday)
October 17, 2019 (Thursday) Week 7 and Class Pictures

October 24, 2019 (Thursday)  Week 8 at SMOP

DATE CHANGE: October 29, 2019 (Tuesday)  Reverse Trick or Treating at Garden Parks Nursing Home at 10am (Wear costumes and pass out candy to the residents)

October 31, 2019 (Thursday)  Week 9 at SMOP

November 1, 2019 (Friday) Saints Party at the Duff’s house


CSH Annual Retreat (now open to all CSH members)Spend a few refreshing days immersed in the love of Christ and he (with a little help from us) will fill you up with good things. ON THIS RETREAT, COUNT ON BEING FILLED spiritually from Mass and Confession. Enriching and encouraging talks from great speakers will fill you up with a renewed zeal for your home school vocation. Round table discussions and activities with old, and new friends, will fill you up with a supportive community that shares your challenges but also shares how holy your role truly is. Everyone needs time to catch their breath and refocus, but especially Catholic Schoolhouse moms (and dads)! This joy-filled weekend retreat is the perfect opportunity to step away and simply enjoy time with your Catholic Schoolhouse family, become better equipped with Catholic Schoolhouse knowledge and techniques, while exploring and deepening your spirituality. Catholic Schoolhouse “Come Fill Me” Retreat January 30 – February 2 Space is limited, so register early. Registration ends October 25 To register go to: Location: Catholic Conference Center 901 S. Madison Ave, Dallas, TX 75208

Prayer Requests:
Continued prayers for Valerie and her family.
Prayers for pregnant mothers!
Prayers for homeschooling from a place from rest!
Prayers for all those who are sick and those with medical issues.
Prayers for Bailey’s discernment journey and her ACTS retreat.

Recap of Week 5:
St. Ignatius class:
This week dialectic explored conversations in writing and took a closer look at how conversations develop in storytelling.   We also looked more indepth at the use of word choice in writing and storytelling.    There was a rousing discussion on St. Peter’s Basillica after Paula told of her pilgrimage experience there.   The boys were very fascinated with the hanging rope and the idea that St. Peter’s feet were cut off.   We also had a discussion about the doctor’s masks during the bubonic plague that resembled bird’s beaks and were stuffed with sweet smelling flowers.  The boys loved the histor of the Battle of Lepanto and the Defeat of the Spanish Armada.   It was a great discussion day with plenty of interesting topics.

Who knew blubber gloves could be so fun!?!  Our little scientists are learning so much!  They were able to discuss the scientific method.  We played a matching game looking at animals who adapt, migrate, and/or hibernate.

St. Maximillian Kolbe’s class:
St. Maximilian’s class recited our memory work through exercise, song, actions and games. We enjoyed a new We enjoyed a new jeopardy game as a way to review our memory work from previous weeks. We were happy that Andrew could join us this week!

St. Mother Teresa’s class:
This week, St Teresa’s class mixed it up with lots of fun and energetic games and hands on things to play while we recited and listened to our memory work. We played hot potato, the floor is lava, drew out our math skip counting, played limbo and hurdles, and got to get our engineering wheels turning while playing with magnatiles. We are still working on our routine and using God’s grace to become more and more virtuous every day!

St. Therese’s class:
St Therea’s class enjoyed another week together, singing “Good Morning, Jesus”, finding rabbits under history cards, visiting Jesus to practice manners in God’s House. They also listened to bears hibernating and animals having a party in his den while eating snack. The chalk counting by 10 is still a favorite and helps them move! 

 Saint:  St.  Martin de Porres
Virtue:  Orderliness
Art:  El Greco   

Science:  Layers of the Earth in clay
Dialectic Science:  Newton’s laws and friction

A Family
L Family
S Family

Check out blog for more info:

Here’s a review sheet from basecamp:
Continue to listen to the memory work CDs!!

Here’s Basecamp Tips for you!

Upcoming Community Events:

Hey All! Homeschooler’s have their own Krewe for the RAINBOW CITY PARADE! Kids that are interested can take part in “costume design” class before the parade. They will be able to take their costume home to finish customizing and then showcase that costume in the parade on Saturday. It is a great opportunity to highlight our very creative and talented homeschool community.

If you are interested come to the Central ARTSTATION, 801 Crockett Street – the former Central Fire Station – on either (or both) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 or MONDAY, OCTOBER 14 (10 AM – 12:00 NOON) to work directly with Artist Will Baten and learn how to make your parade marching gear. You may take your supplies home to work on finishing the marching gear by the date of the parade.
Drive-In Showing of the Lion King:  October 22, 2019 at 7pm at 
Pioneer Heritage Center – LSUS.   Enjoy a free drive in movie with complimentary popcorn while supplies last. Sit in your vehicle and tune in to the select radio station for audio, or bring your blankets or lawn chairs for front row seats in front of the big screen.—————————————————–
Everyone loves a parade!
A raucous RAINBOW CITY PARADE will kick off the fun Saturday, November 2 at 10:00 AM. Everyone is invited to meet at
artspace at 708 Texas St. in downtown Shreveport to enjoy the fun of MARCHING AND MAKING and become part of a parade Krewe of marchers, bicyclers, costumed characters, and one brand new inflatable “friend.”

10:00 AM Parade Make & Take Activity @ artspace
12:30 PM Get in Line outside artspace
1:00 PM Parade from artspace to Rainbow City!
3:00-6:00 PM Rainbow City Open.

“We are excited to bring the “Magic, Luck and Friendship” of FriendsWithYou and a RAINBOW CITY to the people of Shreveport and their new COMMON Park. Our goal is always to share the hope of personal, physical and community transformation through our Art. We plan to activate the entire city to be a part of this experience. We are excited about the possibilities and about making unique and experiential Art in Shreveport—pushing the Art to see the possibilities,” say Sandoval and Borkson.