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Week 10…the final stretch!

November 25, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Week 9 was a challenge, but a good challenge!  Thank you to all the families and parents/tutors for being so flexible.  I’m hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are feeling better.  We have 3 weeks to finish up this semester and I think they’re going to be the best so far!

Important Information:
1.  Presentations this week:  The ——- Family, the —— Family, the ——- Family, and the ———- Family
2.  Semester Showcase:   New date due to facility use.  December 17 (Monday) from 6:30pm-7:30pm at St. Mary’s of the Pines.  This is a great night to invite grandparents and other friends.  Each class usually presents a memory song or 2 from the semester.  All the scholars will sing the chorus songs that they’ve learned and they’ll play the bells for the songs that they’ve learned.  Each family has the option of doing a tri-fold poster board of a country we’ve studied this semester and bringing a treat/side to share from that country.  We’ll also try to put out some of the artwork that the scholars have done this year.
3.  Unfortunately, no room for homeschool groups this year for the school presentation of “The Nutcracker”.
4.  Destination Imagination:  We are going to start working a little faster since the scholars have a team challenge to present in February.  We may have a few field trips in the near future to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and/or other craft places for them to gather material.  More to come!

Week 10:  So many changes this week!  We have a new holy person to study, St. John the Baptist.  We will also be learning a poem called “A Child’s Wish” in Religion.  We have new latin words:  field and gift.  This is a long one to memorize, but we will have it for the last 3 weeks.  In language arts, it’s all about prepositions.  There’s a great book that you can check out of the library by Brian P. Cleary on prepositions.  In the history timeline, we start with Pericles-Golden Age of Athens, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, the Parthenon (not to be confused with the Pantheon), the Peloponnesian Wars, and Hippocrates (time to play doctor).  The History Sentences focuses on the Golden Age of Greece.  In Math, we continue our circle study with the circumference.  The cello is featured in music.  I love the cello.  There’s a great link with cello music for background music as the scholars study this week:  In Art, we move onto Roman Art with the Tromp L’oeil and chalk pastels.  Chalk pastels can be so much fun!  The scholars will be testing acids and bases this week in Science.  They are becoming great little chemists!  Geography is the subject that hasn’t changed from Week 9 with the Northern European countries.

November and December can be a little more challenging with homeschooling.  Hang in there!  Realize, too, how much they are learning about family and God because we are homeschooling.  Let’s also take some time to get together as homeschooling moms (and dads) to rejuvenate and enjoy the season.