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Week 11

December 2, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

A nice surprise for Week 10 after being on holiday—classes went smoothly!  Bells were beautiful in the church.  Science was so fun!  Everyone’s Tromp L’oeil in art came out spectacular.  We did miss Hartley, Thomas, and George.  Hopefully, everyone will be with us for Week 11!

Important Info:
1.  Presentations this week:  Clement Family, Dill Family, Sibal Family, Venden Family
2.  Semester Showcase:  December 17 (Monday) 6:30pm-7:30pm at St. Mary’s of the Pines.  Mark your calendars and tell your relatives!  Sibal Family has picked Austria.  Aranda Family has picked Italy.
3.  Red River Refuge has a homeschooling day on December 5 (Wednesday) from 9-11am.
4.  Mass and blessing of the stockings for St. Nicholas’ Day on December 5 (Wednesday) at 6pm at St. Mary’s of the Pines.
5.  Girls on the Run has a fun 5K through our neighborhood on December 8 starting at AC Steere.  Fun activities start at 8am.  Run/Walk at 9am.  Not just for girls!
6.  Kids on the Run has a 1 mile run/walk at the Norton Art Museum on December 15 at 9am.  These runs are super fun!  I think the kids will have bells for this one!

Week 11:  This is getting exciting!  We are onto Alexander the Great, the Roman Republic, the Punic Wars, the Maccabean Revolt, and the Sadducees, Pharisees, and Essenes in our History Timeline.  Here’s a map of what Alexander the Great conquered.

Zoom Alex-map.jpg
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Our History Sentence goes over Roman leaders near the time of Christ’s birth.  Can you believe we are this far in history?!?  Time to put on togas this week for school time!  In Art, we continue with Roman Art and draw a Roman village under the previous tromp l’oeil from last week.  In Religion, we continue the poem, “A Child’s Wish” and St. John the Baptist.  Someone put on a meme on Facebook saying that the first person to recognize Christ (after Mary) was an unborn baby—pretty amazing!  In Math, we are onto the area of a circle.  Our scholars will be doing experiments with homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures in science.  It’s all about the bass in Music.  We finish Europe these next 2 weeks with all the Southern European countries including the Vatican City, the smallest country in the world.  Here’s an edible craft project:  Thank goodness we have another week of 2nd declensions of “field” and “gift” in Latin.  Finishing up the week in Language Arts are conjunctions.  You have to let them listen to this: (Conjunction junction what’s your function?)

Destination Imagination Thursday Team:
Think about community service projects.