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Week 12—We made it!

December 10, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Week 11 already seems like a blur as we race into Week 12.  Sickness is passing through Shreveport.  I’m hoping everyone is feeling better for our last week of the semester.  Thank you again for everyone’s flexibility and enthusiasm despite minor changes in classes due to sickness.

Important Information:
1.  Presentations:  ——— Family, ——- Family, ———- Family, and ——— Family
2.  Birthdays:  Lane is turning 5!  Mary Frances and Genevieve are turning 5 and 8, respectively, on the same day!
3.  Semester Showcase:  December 17 (Monday) at 6:30pm-7:30pm at St. Mary’s of the Pines.  I would love to have a short practice either that morning or 30 minutes prior to the showcase.  Please let me know if your family could be available.  Countries taken:  Poland, Italy, Norway, Germany, Greece, Austria.  Remember let your scholars make the country poster and keep it as simple as possible.  *Please bring in any artwork from this semester on Thursday that your scholar would like displayed for the showcase.  They really enjoy showing off their talents for family and friends!
4.  Mama’s Night Out on December 13 (Thursday) at 7:30pm at Cantina Laredo (off of Youree).  Come celebrate the end of the semester!
5.  St. Joseph’s Advent Celebration on December 14 starting at 5:30pm.  A night of pure joy for the family!  Free food, caroling, live nativity, family movie, etc!
6.  Pancake breakfast at St. Mary’s of the Pines on December 15 in the morning.  Advanced tickets=$5.00/person.
7.  Kids on the Run also has a fun 1 mile run on December 15 at 8am at the Norton Art Gallery.  Run and then go eat yummy pancakes at St. Mary’s of the Pines!
8.  Genevieve and AnnaMaria will be in “Mary Poppins” this weekend at Shreveport Little Theater.  There’s a show Friday night, 3 shows Saturday, and a 2pm show on Sunday.  So much fun!

Week 12:
This week in history we finally get to the monumental event of Jesus’ birth.  The Superbook show on Amazon Prime has an episode on the nativity.  Also, the movie “The Star” is one my kids love.  The other timeline cards include concrete and Roman engineering, Julius Caesar, the Roman Empire, and John the Baptist.  John the Baptist continues to be our person of interest in religion.  Our history sentence includes the Immaculate Conception, the Annunciation, and the Incarnation!  This would be a great one for one of the grammar classes to sing for the Showcase!  In Math, it’s all about the volume of a sphere.  Get those balls out and let’s learn about spheres!  In Science, the memory work includes the four states of matter and the experiments explore density.  This will be a fun one this week.  Roman art is still the focus in Art and the scholars will be making mosaics.  In Latin, we continue studying the 2nd declensions of field and gift.  Wow!  Interjections are the topic in Language Arts.  How can you not show this cute old video?!?  The piano is the string instrument of choice this week.  This is a cool video:  Last, but not least, in Geography we go over Southern Europe for the 2nd week.

See you Thursday!