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Week 12

December 5, 2017 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

We are half-way through the year!!!  We loved our new meeting place.  St. Mary’s of the Pines is a peaceful place and I’m sure we will learn a lot in our new surroundings.  We did miss a lot of friends last week and I hope all are well this week!

Field Trip Info:  We are meeting for the “Nutcracker” at the Riverside Theater on Friday (December 8).  We’ll pay with one payment so if you haven’t paid yet, please bring the correct amount ($3/ seat).  We’ll meet around 10:10am and the show starts at 10:30am.  We’ll be seated as a group so try not to be late.  There will be a few families with us that are not in co-op and I’m sure we will make them feel welcome.  Please remind your kids to help the other children feel included.  They did such a great job with this at Papa Simpson’s Farm.

Week 12:  We are finishing the civil war in history and learning about everything from the Gettysburg Address to the reconstruction to the 13th-15th amendments ending slavery.  We also hear about the cowboys and the purchase of Alaska.  In Art, we are doing a pioneer project with embroidery.  We may need some extra helping hands in the art classes with this really cool project.  In Science, it’s all about extreme weather and we’ll look at tornados and lighting formation!  Geography features the New England landmarks.  In Math, we memorize the formula for the volume of a rectangular solid.  Wow!  Interjections are the topic in language arts.  Latin is the “Glory Be”, which should be getting into our heads by now.  Last, but not least, we learn about the five forms of prayer in Religion and continue our study of Saint Rose Duchesne.

Remember St. Mary’s of the Pines has daily mass at 8:30am.  We would love to see everyone if possible.  On Thursday, after mass, we’ll meet in the library for our morning prayer, pledge, and chorus.  Hopefully, all the rooms will be open this week or we may have our own key.

Tomorrow is the feast of St. Nicholas.  Amy has graciously offered her home for a cookie party to celebrate around 9:30am.  Hope to see everyone soon!

Semester Showcase:  We’ll meet on December 14 at St. Mary’s of the Pines around 9:15am to run through our showcase (less than an hour).  For the showcase, each class can present 1 or 2 things (songs, recitations, “gymnastics”, artwork, etc.) and then we will do our Christmas play.  We’ll have our Geography fair with snacks from different states.  If you have artwork from this semester, we can display it as well.  Bring it on December 14 so we can get it ready.