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Week 13

January 9, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Wow!  What a great semester showcase!  The kids did great and I thought the nativity play was so precious.  Then we finished up Advent and Christmas and now it’s back to more American fun with CSH!

Week 13 leads us into a time when the U.S. became a world power.  Our timeline starts with the transcontinental railroad and then we study some important people like Susan B. Anthony, Alexander Graham Bell, and Thomas Edison.  We also learn when the baseball national league formed.  Anyone have a t-ball stand that we can play with during snack time?  In Science, we are starting my favorite subject…anatomy!  We are talking about cells and DNA this week and how unique God made us.  We’ll also make an outline of our bodies to take home.  Each week, the kids and parents will color in the different body systems in their outline.  In Art, we move to the beautiful paintings of Winslow Homer and the students will be using watercolors to create a snowman!  More states and capitals are included in geography.  I’m loving that my two year old can spout out some states and capitals and is fascinated with Texas.  All my kids love the “Stack the States 2” app.  It’s so much fun and they are learning so much.  In Latin, we start the blessing before meals.  The math sentence is more advanced math than what most of our students have learned I’m guessing, but it’s amazing what they remember when it time to do this type of work.  John Philip Sousa is our composer so it’s time to have a marching band parade in your living room.  Our first saint this quarter is St. Damien de Veuster of Molokai.  Get ready for the questions about lepers!  In religion, we are learning about what the bible says about the Church.    Lastly, we are moving onto sentences in language arts.

Our friend Leo is deeply involved in his academics for 3rd grade so he is going to be joining us just for field trips this semester.  We’re all going to miss him and Emily on Thursdays, but look forward to seeing them on our fun trips.  We are going to try something a little different this week with the St. Kateri and St. Junipero classes.  For art and science, we will join these two classes together.  For memory work, they will be in their separate classes.  This should not change the amount of time they are in their homerooms and will give them more opportunities to interact with different personalities and temperaments.  Hopefully, we can work on our virtues with a few more people added to the mix.

Shelly is looking into field trips for this semester and our first one should be announced soon!