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Week 14

January 13, 2019 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

What a great week 13! We missed the Dill Family, the Clement Family, and the Grant Family, but hopefully, everyone will be back this week. I so enjoyed walking the solar system with the scholars. It was wonderful to be outside and walking over 500 steps into outer space. The morning hour also worked better. Let’s continue to have everyone exit the sanctuary after mass and wait to all walk in together. If candy is given out, can we tried to have the scholars wait until their snack time to eat it? We are trying to teach the scholars reverence in the sanctuary so sweet little mouths stuffed, tiny chocolate fingers, and candy wrappers on the floor should be avoided if possible.

Congratulations to the upper level Destination Imagination Team! They raised $443 with 1 bake sale at St. Mary’s of the Pines. All their donations are going to Praise Academy, a private Christian school in one of Shreveport’s disadvantaged neighborhoods. Thomas made a fabulous flyer and all the scholars talked to so many of the parishioners about Praise Academy and Destination Imagination.

The younger Destination Imagination Team (Mary’s Stars) is looking for help creating a life-sized portable pop-up book. Any parents with great ideas or pop-up book talents, please let me know.

Destination Imagination Super Saturday: January 26 (Saturday) We will combine teams and work through instant challenges. I think they’ll be going in the morning session. More info to come.

I thought you might enjoy this video from the blog:

Week 14: History brings us to a very interesting time period with the journeys of St. Paul, the Pax Romana, the Catacombs, the Destruction of the Temple, and Mt. Vesuvius eruption. I see lots of erupting volcano experiments this week! When I volunteered with LifeTeen several years ago, we actually made catacombs out of big refrigerator boxes. Hold a pretend mass in your catacombs and I’m sure everyone will love it! Then for the history sentence the scholars learn the first five popes of the Church! Wow! How many kids know the first 5 popes? How many adults? Our science project this week involves learning about the layers of the sun. In Art, the scholars will be painting the Madonna and Child. I’m sure it’s going to be fun with Ms. Amy and paint! We review the conjugation for the verb “to be able” in Latin. Geography is all about the Persian Gulf. Here’s the link to a geography game:
In math, the scholars are learning metric units. Time to get out rulers, scales, or just start cooking! In Religion, we are still learning about St. Cecilia. There’s a great Glory Story CD about St. Cecilia on Holy Heroes. We also learn about sanctifying grace. Lastly, we are learning the four basic kinds of sentences. Have your scholars say different sentences in all the basic kinds of sentences.

See you Thursday!