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Week 15…Finally!

January 28, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Our family survived the flu!  The last 2 weeks have been a blur, but I do remember a lot of fun in science for week 14 with building our brain hats!  I hope everyone else is feeling better and ready to charge through to Week 15.

The US is becoming a world power as we talk about the Statue of Liberty, Booker T. Washington, the Spanish-American War, Teddy Roosevelt, and the exciting first flight of the Wright Brothers.  In our history song, we are talking about the Progressive Era.  In science, we are thrown into the circulatory system.  We’ll be learning about the blood flow of the heart.  There’s a lot of great youtube videos for kids about the heart.  By the way, if you haven’t already, have the kids draw in the brain and spinal cord on their life-sized drawings.  In Art, we are still studying Windslow Homer and his love of the sea.  The kids will do a watercolor seascape complete with origami boats.  We are learning the Plains States and Capitals this week in Geography.  In Math, the kids will memorize the identity property of multiplication.  Remember, most of the kids do not multiply yet, but they are just placing “hooks” in their knowledge.  They’ll eventually have their “ah-ha” moment!  In Latin, we continue our prayer before meals.  In Language Arts, it’s all about the subject and predicate of a sentence.    In Religion, we are learning the 6 precepts of the Church that we must follow.  Wow!  It’s a quite a week!

We are going to meet on Wednesday for Week 15 and then on Thursday for our service project.  Rochelle made a good point of making sure that your kids have had the flu shot.  I’m not too worried about getting the flu from the residents because they will be isolated if they are sick, but I don’t want to pass any germs along to them.  If you have any reservations about going, please feel free to still come and make Valentine’s cards for them and we will still deliver them.

Presentations this week:
1.  Carney Family
2.  Burns Family

Upcoming homeschool conferences:
1.  Great Homeschooling Convention March 15-17 Fort Worth, TX
2.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference April 13 Lafayette, LA
3.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference April 20 Covington, LA
4.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference July 6-7 Grapevine, TX

Early Family Registration for next year:  February 1- March 15  ($65/family)