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Week 16

February 5, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Well, Week 15 was fun and busy!  We still had friends missing due to sickness, but we pressed on.  The grammar kids did great with origami in art and they learned so much about the heart in science.  Our first service project was a success.  The kids and the nursing home residents loved the interaction and we can’t wait to plan another visit.

Week 16:  We have a new saint for the 2nd part of the quarter!  St. Frances Xavier Cabrini will be our focus for 3 weeks.  I’ve been to the Mother Cabrini shrine in Golden, Colorado and it was amazing.  We are also learning about the three parts of the Church in religion.  Father Long mentioned the Church Triumphant today in his homily.  I was excited because I’m learning so much with Catholic Schoolhouse along with the kids.  In our history timeline, we are still looking at how the US became a world power.  This week’s events are the Model T Ford, Silent Movies, World War I, Prohibition, and Women’s Suffrage.  Our history song is about the beginning of the 20th century.  In math we are learning about the associative property.  Science is all about the respiratory system.  I’ll have a model of lungs to show the kids how this works.  There’s a game on the CSH blog for the respiratory system.

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In Art, we have a new artist, Mary Cassatt.  The kids will work on shading to create depth as they study, “The Boating Party”.  In Geography, we’ll look at some of the Plains features.  In Latin, we continue the blessing before meals.  In Language Arts, we’ll learn about synonyms.

Valentine’s Day party during snack time this week!  Tons of fun for the kids!

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