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Week 17

February 10, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

What a full week!  It was great to see Father John Paul in our classes last week.  I needed roller skates between art, gymnastics, and science.  We sure missed Ms. Amy.  Thanks for everyone’s flexibility!  The Leightons are on the mend!  I’m hoping everyone will be well by this next Thursday.  Happy Valentine’s Day on Ash Wednesday!  And we are into Lent!

Week 17:  Our history timeline and history song brings us from the Roaring Twenties to the Great Depression.  Along the way, we learn about Charles Lindbergh, the Dust Bowl, and Fulton Sheen.  We continue to finding about St. Frances Xavier Cabrini in religion as well as the communion of saints.  In Art, Mary Cassatt is still the focus and the students will be experimenting  with shading different objects.  In Science, we’ll be learning about the skeletal system and will be building mini skeletons.  Here’s a game from the CSH blog:

Sticks-and-Stones-Game (1).pdf 875 KB View full-size Download

In Latin, we finish the blessing before meals.  We should try to start saying the prayer at snack time in Latin!  In Geography, we head to the Rocky Mountain states.    The commutative property is the main topic in math.  And to complete this week, we are studying antonyms in Language Arts.

Field Trips:  March 16, 2018 Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet (The 3 Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood)  time TBA.

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1.  Great Homeschooling Convention March 15-17 Fort Worth, TX
2.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference April 13 Lafayette, LA
3.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference April 20 Covington, LA
4.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference July 6-7 Grapevine, TX

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