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Week 19!

March 4, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

I can’t believe we are onto the last quarter.  It was great to have everyone back for Week 18.  I loved how the impressionist bridge scenes looked.  I’m sad that we are done with human anatomy, but excited and nervous to start electricity!

Week 19:  We have a new saint to learn about this quarter–Saint Katharine Drexel.  There’s a Holy Heroes CD about her that is really great.  In Religion, we are learning about the immaculate conception, which usually confuses a lot of Catholics.  The fun ragtime music of Scott Joplin plays this quarter.  In Art, we will start learning about Alexander Calder and mobiles.  Amy needs rocks for this upcoming project (about the length of your palm).  Each child needs 1 rock in the grammar classes.  In Science, we learn about electricity and will make our first (and hopefully not our last) circuit!  Say some prayers!  In Latin, we start the “Our Father”.  Our history song is about the Civil Rights Movement.  Our timeline is the start of modern America with the Cold War, the Korean War, Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr.  More states and capitals to learn in Geography.  Language Arts is all about contractions.  Math is about inches and feet.  This is a good time to have the kids measure rooms, walls, doors, windows, etc.

Field Trips:
1.  March 16:  Shreveport Ballet Performance of the “Three Little Pigs” and “Little Red Riding Hood” at 10:30am.  Remember to bring your money of $3/seat on Thursday (March 8).
2.  April 13 Civil War Reenactment in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana.

Semester Showcase:
We are going to have the kids chose and dress as a famous American for the showcase.  If each child could learn 3 facts about that person that would be wonderful.  The kids will chose their famous person in class.  If possible, let’s try not to have duplicates.
Here’s some possibilities (I tried to find most from our tour guide):
1.  Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
2.  Saint Junipero Serra
3.  Ben Franklin
4.  Daniel Boone
5.  Paul Revere
6.  George Washington
7.  Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
8.  Saint Rose Duchesne
9.  Eli Whitney
10.  Johnny Appleseed
11.  Francis Scott Key
12.  Davy Crocket
13.  Abraham Lincoln
14.  Clara Barton
15.  Robert E. Lee
16.  Ulysses S. Grant
17.  Saint Damien
18.  Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini
19.  John Philip Sousa
20.  Susan B. Anthony
21.  Alexander Graham Bell
22.  Thomas Edison
23.  Winslow Homer
24.  Booker T. Washington
25.  Teddy Roosevelt
26.  Henry Ford
27.  Charlie Chaplin
28.  Mary Cassatt
29.  Wright Brothers
30.  Charles Lindbergh
31.  Fulton Sheen
32.  Franklin D. Roosevelt
33.  St. Katherine Drexel
34.  Rosa Parks
35.  John F. Kennedy
36.  Martin Luther King Jr.
37.  Alexander Calder
38.  Neil Armstrong
39.  Ronald Reagan
40.  Mother Angelica
41.  Eric Carle
There’s so many others.  The hard part will be having the students choose just one.  We have until May 3 (Thursday).

Upcoming homeschool conferences:
1.  Great Homeschooling Convention March 15-17 Fort Worth, TX
2.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference April 13 Lafayette, LA
3.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference April 20 Covington, LA
4.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference July 6-7 Grapevine, TX

Early Registration for the next school year ends March 15…very soon!!!  $65/family.