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Week 22!

April 2, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Happy Easter!!!  I hope everyone had a good holy week and a nice break.  Ms. Jessica had her baby girl!!!  So excited for her and her family!

Week 22:
This is the week we start our own study of Louisiana History and Geography.  Here are the first 5 cards:  Native People of Louisiana, Early Settlers and Explorers, Five Significant Events before Becoming a State, Native Animals and Plants of Louisiana, and Features of Louisiana.  If you signed up for any of these cards, could you bring the information on Thursday to share?  Here’s some extra information:

tribes of Louisiana.jpg 10.4 KB View full-size Download

Louisiana Tribes Today:

 1 Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana: Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana: |

3. Jena Band of Choctaw Indians:

4 Tunica-Biloxi Indian Tribe of Louisiana:

louisiana-map-01.gif 41.1 KB View full-size Download
Louisiana_Purchase_31.jpg 1.9 MB View full-size Download

I’m going to see about a field trip to the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum in the near future.  It’s filled with dioramas.  They also perform a stage presentation for schools about Louisiana periodically.  Our patron saint is Our Lady of Prompt Succor.  In Religion, we’ll be learning the Magnificat.  In Math, it’s all about pounds and ounces.  If you have a food scale, this is a good time to get it out and have them weigh different items.  You could also do some weighing at the grocery store.  It’s all about magnets and magnetic fields in Science.  If anyone has a compass we can use, please let me know.  There’s also a new Magic Schoolbus episode on magnets on Netflix.  In Latin, we continue the “Our Father”.  In Art, it’s all about Eric Carle’s art.  This is a great time to read some of his books at home like “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”.  Ms. Amy will help them start their state books in the style of Eric Carle.  Finger paints this week…need I say more!  In Language Arts, we will discussing some literary devices.  So much fun!

Our 2nd open house is next Thursday (April 12).  Please let interested families know.  Also, here is a sneak peek of the Pre-grammar curriculum coming out for next year.  Of course, we will continue to have music as well.

Pre-Grammar Flyer.pdf 371 KB View full-size Download

ArtBreak:  If you have some of the CSH artwork from this year, please bring them to Amy this Thursday.

Field Trips:
– Civil War reenactment on April 13 in Pleasantville, LA.  More details to come.

Upcoming homeschool conferences:
1.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference April 13 Lafayette, LA
2.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference April 20 Covington, LA
3.  Immaculate Heart of Mary Conference July 6-7 Grapevine, TX

-April 4:  Homeschooling Day at Red River Refuge 9-11am