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Week 5

October 8, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Last week was a little crazy, but still wonderful!  I think there’s always some chaos after having a week off.  It was great that we had everyone at school.  And am I the only parent who is totally amazed by the seeds growing!  I’m almost more excited than my little scholars.  Here’s mine, which was started a few days before everyone else’s:

We also started Destination Imagination groups!  So much fun!  I think it will be great for everyone to work on teamwork and listening to other scholar’s opinions.

Important Information:
1.  We will have a few families visiting from Tyler, Texas this week.  They want to start a new chapter in Tyler and would like to see how our program works.  I know everyone will welcome them with open arms.  Their children will be in classes with us just for this week.
2.  We have a new family joining our CSH family this week!  They are a wonderful military family with 4 beautiful children.  Their oldest will be joining the Grammar I, St. Dominic’s class.  Hooray!
3.  Field trip/Service Project:  I’m working on a trio from the Shreveport Orchestra coming to SMOP to give us a presentation on October 25.  After the presentation, we will be going to the Garden Park Nursing Home.  We will sing songs, play recorders (maybe), and other instruments.  We may also pass out jack o’ lanterns crafts to the residents.  This is an optional trip.  You may want to consider an annual flu shot.  We had no issues with our visit last year (in the height of the flu season), but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.Week 5:  This is a fun week!  My kids still remember learning about the Trojan Horse from 3 years ago.  They built “Trojan Horses” out of legos and duplos (they were 3, 4 and 5!) at that time.  This is a fun project to do with any age child.  Our history timeline cards include Moses, Exodus, Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, Ramses II, and the Trojan War.  I know everyone is trying to limit “screen time”, but movies are sometimes a good incentive to get schoolwork done.  “The Prince of Egypt” is on Netflix and Leslie told me about a series on Amazon Prime called “Superbook” about stories from the bible.  We continue to study David in Religion as well as the Bread of Life Discourse.  We are moving on to skip counting by 10s and 11s in Math.  In Latin we are reemphasizing the first conjugation of the verb, “to be”.  In Geography, we are looking at countries and features of Eastern Europe.  It might be fun to pick a dish or dessert from one of these countries and make it this week with the family.  When we have our Semester Showcase in December, we’ll each pick a European country to highlight on a poster board and bring a dish to share from that country.  Start asking your scholars which country they might like to chose.  In Language Arts, it’s all about verbs.  This is from the CSH blog:  [Write down several different places/locations and drop them into a hat. It can be anywhere: house, store, zoo, playground, park, woods, etc.  Draw a place from your hat and set a timer (longer for younger kids shorter for older kids), and have all your students write down as many verbs for that place as they can think of.  When the time is up, score it like boggle.  Any verbs that more than 1 person has, get crossed off the list.  Verbs that are unique each get 1 pt. This game will get them thinking of some interesting verbs! For example if ‘grocery store’ was drawn, verbs written down might be: walk, shop, buy, weigh, smell, read, add, subtract, talk etc.  As long as your student can defend his/her answer then it’s fair.  You could have a vote for the really out there answers. (You might roll a shopping cart, but it’d be difficult to fly in a grocery store)] Our budding artists will be painting this week on their “papyrus” they made last week.  I can’t wait to see how these turn out.  Remember to save some of your scholar’s artwork for ArtBreak in April.  Last, but not least, in science we will be learning about leaves and we’ll be having a leaf scavenger hunt!

See you Thursday!