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Week 6

October 24, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

(Late post)

Oh my!  We are finishing Quarter 1 this week!

We had a great week.  We welcomed a new family and we enjoyed the company of visiting families from Tyler, Texas.  I loved seeing Peter’s grandparents as well.  The weather was wonderful and I think we all loved being outside.

Important Information:
1.  Presentations this week:
2.  Field Trip/Service Trip:  On October 25 (Thursday) we are planning on having a trio from the Shreveport Orchestra come give us a presentation at St. Mary’s at 9:30am.  Then we’ll be headed to the Garden Park Nursing Home for fellowship and fun.
3.  Pumpkin Shine on Line is October 23 (Tuesday) from 4-8:30pm.
4.  DI will meet from 1-2pm on Thursday for older group and from 10-11am on Friday for younger group.

This is our last week focusing on percussion instruments, Egyptian Art, and Botany.  We’ll be learning about different types of trees this week in Science.  This is a good time to take nature walks around your neighborhood and point out the different trees.  Even if you don’t know what they are, you and your scholars can discuss the different leaves, bark, and seeds.  Our state tree is the Bald Cypress.  For music, there’s an interesting video on the Timpani listed from the CSH blog (  We finish studying David this week and there’s a short video episode on him on Amazon Prime in the “Superbook”.  We also finish the Bread of Life Discourse this week.  In History, we go from Hebrew Judges, Hebrew Kings, Phoenicians, Israel Split into Two Kingdoms, to the Assyrian Empire.  The History Sentence goes into the Assyrian Empires and mentions Jonah.  This memory sentence might be learned easier with the hand motions which are linked to basecamp.  This our last week of the verb “to be” in Latin.  We skip count by 12s this week in math.  It’s a good time to talk about a “dozen” by maybe making cookies and delivering them by the dozens!  In Art, the scholars will be learning about Hebrew Art and will be making mini-arks as they learn about the Ark of the Covenant.  In Language Arts, it’s all about verbs.  Here’s a good refresher on verbs:  Last, but not least, we continue the countries of Eastern Europe.  Time to make Borscht, a favorite of our Ukraine host kids!

Destination Imagination:  Both groups.  Challenge:  Use an empty paper towel roll or toilet paper roll and 2 additional materials and make something you would see in Eastern Europe.  Also, please help them look at previous destination imagination team challenges.  Search under destination imagination global finals or team challenges in