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Week 7

October 28, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Wow!  Can I just say I love this group!  The Shreveport Symphony presentation was a success and it was so cool to hear Hartley play her saxophone as a bonus.  And the residents at the nursing home were so happy to see all of the adorable CSH scholars and so grateful for the decorations and candy bags.  All I saw were smiles everywhere!  Thank you to Thomas, Hartley, James, Genevieve, and AnnaMaria for playing their instruments.  You all sounded amazing and it’s incredible how music can lift people’s spirits.  Thank you to all the parents and scholars who made this such a great experience for all!

Important Information:
1.  Daily mass:  We are all trying to teach our kids to be reverent in mass and some days are better than others (I know!  I have plenty of examples of “work-out” masses!)  Right now, I know for my kids it usually works best if they are not too close to their friends.  If we could try to keep our kids close to us during daily mass, I think that might be best unless you’ve already discussed the situation with another parent or adult.  I’m sure some of the other parishioners at daily mass would be happy to help with younger children or holding babies.  You may have a different situation and your kids are always angels in mass and you are in total control, but for the most part keeping your kids close to you also allows you to point out the different parts of the mass and/or liturgical objects.
2.  This Thursday is All Saints’ Day.  I think it’s a lot to ask for scholars to dress up as their favorite saint, but if you want to, please feel free.  I would ask that you consider printing out these badges for your scholars to wear for the day.  They can decorate them and proudly wear them.

Zoom my-patron-blank.pdf
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Zoom i-have-a-patron-saint-black-and-white.pdf
i-have-a-patron-saint-black-and-white.pdf 381 KB View full-size Download

3.  Morning Meeting (Chapel Time):  I’m going to add the “Angelus” to our prayer time so that everyone has a chance to learn it if they don’t know it yet.  Our virtue that we will concentrate on for 3 weeks is “Respect”.
4.  Presentations this week:  See Family Welcome Packet
5.  Tutor Meeting was a success!  We have great things planned for the scholars this quarter.  Next tutor meeting will be in early December.
6.  School pictures will be done by Heather this year.  She may be taking scholars out of class briefly to do these.  These will be used in our yearbook.
7.  Greeters at Daily Mass:  We would like to see if the scholars could be greeters/ushers at the door after daily mass.  They would open doors and wish people a good day.  This week if any Grammar 2 (St. Benedict’s Class) scholars are at daily mass, could you please ask them to take on this position after the mass?  We’ll rotate classes each week.

Week 7:
So much to cover in so little time!  Let start with the easy subject this week:  Math!  It’s all about circles.  For the young scholars, it’s time to go on a circle scavenger hunt around the block.  Point out all circles this week.  A book we love is “Sir Cumference and the First Round Table”.  Check out the whole series in the library.  We continue our tour of Europe with Western European countries.  I’m thinking lots of chocolate this week as we look at Belgium and maybe some French onion soup for France!  Maybe we’ll even try to build a lego Eiffel Tower.  In Religion, we start to study some liturgical objects.  Heather reminded me of a fun app called “Catholic Words and Games” that has memory games with all the liturgical objects. Great for the younger and older scholars.  We also begin our study of Daniel from the Old Testament.  In our History Timeline we study Elijah and Elisha, Jonah, Greek City-States, First Olympics, and Isaiah.  This is a great time to have a mini-olympics in your back yard!  There’s also a short youtube video about the first Olympics (  Our History Sentence is all about Greek City-States.  In Science, we start Chemistry!  There’s a great book by Real Science-4-Kids called “Chemistry Pre-Level I” that is for younger scholars.  Their Level 1 Chemistry book is for 4th-6th graders.  Easy explanations and great pictures.  I found one on for about $3.  Also, time to start periodic table battleship with your scholars.  We are going to start working with graduated cylinders and medicine droppers this week—bring on the mad scientists!  In Art, we start to study Ancient Greek Art and positive and negative space with the greek vase.  Designing, drawing, cutting…what could be more fun!  In Language Arts, it’s all about adjectives.  Mad Libs are the best now since they’ve learned about nouns, verbs, and adjectives.  Last, but not least, we move onto the string instruments in Music, specifically the Ancient Lyre.  Here’s a selection to play in the background as your kids are working.

See you Thursday!