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Week 8

November 4, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

I’ve been blown away about how much these young scholars are absorbing!  Week 7 was great although we missed Savanah and Reese!  Thank you, Heather, for amazing school pictures!  Thank you, Paula, for helping in so many ways!

Important Information:
1.  Presentations this week:  ———— Family, —- Family, and —— Family
2.  Red River Refuge Homeschooling Day:  November 7 from 9-11am.  There are 2 classes:  preschool-2nd grade and 2nd grade and up.  Topic:  Birds
3.  Destination Imagination Super Saturday is January 26, 2019.  It will be a fun day to practice instant challenges.
4.  Destination Imagination State Tournament is February 23, 2019 in Bossier City.  Both groups will be participating.
5.  Destination Imagination example for Rising Stars (younger group): (start about 2.30)
6.  Destination Imagination examples for older group:  for engineering challenge or for service project.

Week 8:  
We are finally talking about the founding of Rome.  There’s so much out there about Rome.  Our history timeline cards also take us through Jeremiah, King Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian Exile, and Aesop’s Fables.  If you listen to “Story of Civilization”, Chapter 10 talks about King Nebuchadnezzar.  My kids love hearing Aesop’s Fables and they are often short.  These are great for narration (having your kids tell back the story) because they are so short.  Our history sentence elaborates on the Babylonian Exile.  There’s a great Matt Maher song called “The Rivers of Babylon” that you might have your scholars listen to this week.  In Math we are focused on the circle and circumference.  In Religion, we are moving on to the priest’s vestments.  Here are prayers that priest says when he puts on these vestments:

Zoom vesting-trilingual.pdf
vesting-trilingual.pdf 69.4 KB View full-size Download

From the CSH blog, here’s 2 resources:

Zoom Liturgical-Vestments-Handwriting-practice.pdf
Liturgical-Vestments-Handwriting-practice.pdf 392 KB View full-size Download
Zoom Liturgical-Vestments-Match-up.pdf
Liturgical-Vestments-Match-up.pdf 274 KB View full-size Download

We also continue our study of Daniel.  There is a Superbook episode on Daniel on Amazon Prime.  In Science, we will have fun “building” molecules!  In Art, we continue to look at Greek Art and the scholars will be doing some etching, which should be interesting!  Here’s a worksheet to get them excited:

Zoom greekvase.pdf
greekvase.pdf 25.1 KB View full-size Download

We have another week of Western Europe countries.  So many recipes, so little time!  In Music, we listen to the wonderful sounds of the harp.  Here’s a of harp music to play in the background as your scholars study:  So relaxing!  It’s all about articles in Language Arts.  These are easy to point out to early readers!  Last, but not least, in Latin we continue the 1st declension of earth.  Here’s Latin Prayers to help them search for “terra”:

Zoom Latin-Prayers-of-the-Mass-find-Terra.pdf
Latin-Prayers-of-the-Mass-find-Terra.pdf 187 KB View full-size Download