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Week 9

November 11, 2018 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

What an amazing week and crazy week!  The scholars worked so hard and had high energy last week.  We all LOVED Ms. Paula teaching us the bells in chorus.  I can’t wait to do it again on Thursday!  We missed the ——- and —— Families so much.  We also prayed for Peter who became ill that morning.

Important Information:
1.  Presentations this week:  ——– Family, —— Family, ——– Family (—- Family and——– Family may also present if they want)
2.  We only have 3 more CSH meetings after Thanksgiving.  Then we return on January 10.
3.  Semester Showcase has tentatively been moved to December 17 (Monday) at 6:30pm.  The scholars will make 1-2 group presentations per class.  In addition, they will sing their chorus songs and play the bells.  We will also have at least 1 recorder song!  Break out the “Hot Cross Buns”!  Each family can choose a country that we have studied this semester and make a simple tri-fold poster and dish to share from that country.  It can be a store bought dish or treat.  Think simple.
4.  We may have a chance to see a portion of the “Nutcracker” ballet like we did last year.  I’ll let you know a date as soon as I can.

Week 9:
Let’s start with the easy stuff first.  We are learning about Northern Europe.  In our family, we are going to have Irish stew one cold day this week!  In Religion, we are still learning about Daniel.  We also memorize the six holy days of obligation.  At least 1 scholar in all the classes should know the liturgical colors song, too.  If not, I’ll come around and teach the scholars!  One of my favorite instruments is featured this week in music…the violin!  In math, we have a new song about Pi.  There’s another great book called “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi” to read.  In History, we start with Cyrus the Great of Persia, then the Persian Empire, Athenian Democracy, Confucius, and the Battle of Marathon.  Here’s a video from the CSH blog about Confucius (  In the “Story of the World” book, Chapters 21-24 and 33 cover these time frames well.  The History Sentence is also about the Persian Empire.  Here’s a map to show the Persian Empire in this time period.

Zoom persian empire.gif
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In Language Arts, it’s all about adverbs.

  • This week students learn about adverbs.  They modify a verb!  Play “Mother May-I” using only the action ‘walk’ and as many different adverbs as you can.  If you’ve never played Mother May I , here’s how it’s done.  Go outside and determine a ‘mother’ (one student) and the ‘children’ (the rest of the students).  Establish a starting line and a finish line.  All the children start at the starting line and take turns asking “Mother May I walk ____ for 5 steps?”  For this week the children can only use the verb ‘walk’ and pick an adverb to go with it. ( Walk slowly, walk happily, walk tiredly, walk excitedly, walk sadly, etc) The mother either replies “Yes, you may” or “No, you may not do that, but you may walk _____ for ___ steps instead” and inserts his/her own suggestion. Even if the mother makes an unfavorable suggestion, the child must still perform it. The winner is the first to make it to the finish line.  Then, take turns being the mother and picking adverbs!  Challenge them to only use each adverb only once during each game.  (For example, every child can’t ask to walk quickly, they have to switch it up, maybe walk fast, walk expediently, walk sluggishly).
Science is all about chemical reactions.  We will be creating slime, a polymer, in our lab this week.  I know all parents are excited about this project that will go home.  Latin is still the first declension of “earth”.  Last, but not least, our scholars will be learning about the different greek columns that make up buildings.  They will be creating doric, ionic, and corinthian columns in art class this week.  Whoa!  That’s a lot of material!  See you Thursday!