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Week 9

October 27, 2019 | Posted by Mary Catherine Aranda

Shreveport CSH
Saint Lawrence of Brindisi

DATE CHANGE: October 29, 2019 (Tuesday)  Reverse Trick or Treating at Garden Parks Nursing Home at 10am (Wear costumes and pass out candy to the residents)

October 31, 2019 (Thursday)  Week 9 at SMOP

November 1, 2019 (Friday) Saints Party at the D’s house from 1pm-4pm.

November 5 and 6 (Tuesday or Wednesday) Renaissance Festival School Days near Plantarville, TX (optional field trip)

November 12 (Tuesday) Artspace Field Trip  11:15-1:30pm.  $7/participating person (optional field trip, but must RSVP by Nov 1)

November 14 (Thursday)  Week 10 at SMOP


Prayer Requests:
Continued prayers for Valerie and her family.
Prayers for safe delivery of the L baby!
Prayers for homeschooling from a place from rest!
Prayers for all those who are sick and those with medical issues.
Prayers for a safe Halloween.

Recap of Week 8:
St. Ignatius class: 
We are continuing our discussions on Don Quixote. Is he a hero or is he insane? We took advantage of the nicer weather. The boys enjoyed a lively competition with laser tag courtesy of Alex. After reviewing all the dress ups covered so far this year with IEW, we learned a new one-the quality adjective. Next week, we will have a root words competition that will conclude with a nerf gun battle.

Making volcanoes was so much fun!  I think all the classes enjoyed the project.  I’m so glad we had nice weather to do this experiment outside for our large class.

We continued talking about El Greco and had a great time cutting and “elongating” pictures of south a animals. The concept was difficult for most to understand at first but once they began filling in their picture they could see it come together. It was so much fun seeing their light bulbs go off!

Dialectic had a good time experimenting with making their own monograms and designs on a rhino like Albert Durer. I wish I had been able to snap a picture,  The boys did great with the monograms,  They all turned out great.

Week 9

 Saint:  St.  Martin de Porres
Virtue:  temperance
Art:  El Greco and a contrast study complete with crayons and water colors!

Science:  Earthquakes!  We’ll be making earthquakes and buildings to stand up even in an earthquake.

Y Family
S Family
M Family
D Family

Check out blog for more info:

Here’s a review sheet from basecamp:

Continue to listen to the memory work CDs!!

We are forming DI teams (Rising Stars:  4-7 year olds, Elementary 8-10 year olds, and Middle School/High School 11-16 year olds)

Contact Heather for Rising Stars and contact Katie or Tom Aranda for Elementary and High School levels

Fun learning:
 Explore STEM/STEAM concepts in a hands-on environment
Creative problem solving: Learn how to think, not what to think
Kid powered; team driven: Energize students to own all decisions, creations, and results
Friendly competition: Motivate teams to reach for the stars, while also rooting for each other
Global diversity: Encourage and celebrate differences in each other, and differences in ideas

The Elementary Team has been meeting, but the Rising Stars and High School Teams will begin meeting very soon.

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Here’s Basecamp Tips for you!

Upcoming Community Events

1.  Everyone loves a parade!
A raucous RAINBOW CITY PARADE will kick off the fun Saturday, November 2 at 10:00 AM. Everyone is invited to meet at artspace at 708 Texas St. in downtown Shreveport to enjoy the fun of MARCHING AND MAKING and become part of a parade Krewe of marchers, bicyclers, costumed characters, and one brand new inflatable “friend.”

10:00 AM Parade Make & Take Activity @ artspace
12:30 PM Get in Line outside artspace
1:00 PM Parade from artspace to Rainbow City!
3:00-6:00 PM Rainbow City Open.

“We are excited to bring the “Magic, Luck and Friendship” of FriendsWithYou and a RAINBOW CITY to the people of Shreveport and their new COMMON Park. Our goal is always to share the hope of personal, physical and community transformation through our Art. We plan to activate the entire city to be a part of this experience. We are excited about the possibilities and about making unique and experiential Art in Shreveport—pushing the Art to see the possibilities,” say Sandoval and Borkson.

2.  State Fair of Louisiana is open!  Come during the day and it’s free admission and parking.  We always like to go see the free zoo and go explore the livestock.  The museum is also always a fun stop.